A shortcode is simply a user-friendly, square-bracketed (square brackets -> [ ]) “short” bit of human-readable information that has been coded by our developer to create complex structures and functionality on your site. Easy peasy.

For example, rather than needing to know how to build an entire registration form that allows your registrants to choose their preferred date and time and in their own time zone, you have a shortcode for adding the registration form – and all of its essential ConvertMORE functionality – to your page. All you do is copy and paste the shortcode for your webinar’s registration form onto your web page, and you’ll have a fully functioning webinar registration form. No code knowledge required.


You can modify and customize how your shortcodes display using the parameters below.

Add the parameters after the webinar id (single space) and before the end bracket:

Registration form title: add the parameter formtitle=”whatever you want” or leave blank like this -> “” for no title

GDPR statement: add the parameter gdpr_text=”Whatever you want it to be.”
Disable GDPR with the parameter: gdpr=n.

Button text: add the parameter button_text=”Whatever You Want It To Be”

Additional Shortcodes

Display the registrants chosen Day, Date and Time:

SquareBracketattendee_webinar_datetime id=webinarIdSquareBracket

(Replace SquareBracket with [ and ])

Pro Tip: Make sure the ” marks paste as straight quotes and not curly quotes. We recommend using your text editor rather than the Visual or WSYWYG for best results.